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Chen Xiaojiang

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Chen Xiaojiang, Ph.D., Professor, Ph.D. / Master tutor, Shaanxi Science and Technology Innovation Team Leader in Basic Theory and Technology of Passive Sensing Internet of Things, Outstanding Member of the Chinese Computer Society, Vice President of the School of Information Science and Technology of Northwest University, Vice President of Xi ' an Branch of ACM ( International Computer Society ), Standing Committee of the Special Committee on Internet of Things of the Chinese Computer Society, Executive Committee of the Popularization Committee of the Chinese Computer Society, Board of Governors of the Chinese Computer Society ( 2016-2017 ), Academic Chairman of the Chinese Computer Society YOCSEF Xi ' an 2014-2016. He visited and studied at SALENTO University in Italy and UCLA.

In recent years, his research work mainly focuses on intelligent wireless network, intelligent Internet of Things, wireless intelligent perception (target location calculation, target tracking, target activity recognition, material recognition, target breathing perception, etc.), machine learning and mobile computing, pervasive computing, etc. He has hosted and undertaken several national and provincial projects of international (regional) cooperation and exchange of key projects, surface projects, national key research and development plans, national science and technology support plans, and Sino-Italian intergovernmental cooperation projects. At the same time, the team led by him has carried out in-depth cooperation and service industry with the internationally renowned Eddie De, Tencent, Ali, JD. com and Green Alliance Technology.

In the past 5 years, he has developed a series of academically influential research results, which have been published in the authoritative international academic conferences and journals recommended by the Chinese Computer Society in category A, SigComm (in the direction of computer networks), NSDI (in the field of networks and systems), Mobicom (in the field of wireless networks), Infocom (in the field of computer networks), IJCAI (in the field of machine learning), Ubicomp (field of pervasive computing), CCS (field of security), AAAI (field of artificial intelligence), IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking (TON, field of computer networks), Transactions on Mobile Computing (TMC, field of mobile computing and wireless networks) The IEEE/ACM Transactions on Privacy and Security (Formerly TISSEC, in the field of security) and the Chinese Computer Society recommend the high level international academic conferences and journals CoNext, SenSys, ICNP, ICDCS , NDSS, PerCom, SECON, IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, Computer Networks, Computers & Security, etc., and ACM Computing Surveys (CSUR), IEEE Communications Magazine, iScience (CELL subjournal), Journal of Software, Journal of Computer Science, etc. He has published more than 80 articles, obtained 42 national patents for technical inventions, and registered more than 70 national copyrights for software works.

His core results have not only been cited by MIT, Princeton University, UC Berkeley, CMU, Stanford University, University of Washington, UIUC, University of Texas at Austin Bell Laboratories, University of Cambridge, UC Santa Barbara, Tokyo, RMIT University, Tsinghua University, Peking University, etc. At the same time, his work on secure identifiers won the Best Paper Nominee Award (the only finalist in mainland China) at the top international security conference ACM CCS 2018. His work on fire scene perception won the Best Paper Award Candidates at Sensys2019, and his work on material perception recognition won the only Best Poster Award in the whole conference of ACM SenSys (CCF Class B conference).Moreover, the demonstration application in Shaanxi Ming Great Wall, Tang Imperial Wall Hanguangmen Museum, five typical representative areas of Daminggong National Heritage Park, and Gansu Lockyang City has created a new model of cultural heritage conservation and application; the application at the field base of golden snub-nosed monkeys in Yuhuangmiao Village, Zhouzhi Nature Reserve, Qinling Mountains, provided a fruitful technical solution to the changes in the home range of the Sichuan golden snub-nosed monkey population in the Qinling Mountains caused by forest harvesting, community behavior and problems in conservation action plans, translocation and conservation.

He won three provincial and municipal awards for scientific and technological progress, and two first-class awards for scientific and technological progress of institutions of higher learning in Shaanxi Province, which were widely reported by Xinhua News Agency, Daily science of the United States, the British BBC, The Times, National newspaperof Spain, Digital Trends, China’s reference information, Chinese business newspaper and other media, and had a great impact at home and abroad.

He serves as the conference reviewer of the National Natural Science Foundation of China Joint Fund, the correspondence and conference reviewer of the National Key Research and Development Program, the executive chair of the China Sensor Network Conference CWSN2014 conference, the vice chair of the China Turing Conference 2019 conference, and the vice chair of the program committee of China Turing Conference 2018. He has also been invited to give academic presentations at the University of Victoria, Canada, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Peking University, Zhejiang University and other famous universities at home and abroad. Currently, he is working extensively and closely with Princeton University, CMU (Carnegie Mellon University), UMASS University, Yale University, Charlotte, North Carolina, Canada, University of Toronto, Microsoft Research Asia, etc.

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