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Xi'an Key Laboratory of Imaging omics and Intelligent Perception

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Relying on Northwest University, Xi'an Key Laboratory of Imaging omics and Intelligent Perception was officially approved for establishment in 2018 (201805060ZD11CG44). The current team consists of 20 professors/senior engineers, 12 associate professors/intermediate engineers, 13 lecturers/doctors, 4 post-doctoral fellows, and 74 postgraduates, who are selected as the "Shaanxi University Youth Innovation Team". The construction of the laboratory is based on information technology, combined with bioimaging big data, for commercial development, to realize the intelligent early detection of diseases and precision medicine, and the development of big data in Xi'an biomedicine and vertical fields.

Laboratory research includes two aspects: image big data analysis and vertical field data analysis and perception. Image data analysis is based on medical imaging, using some information technology to obtain information on the structure and organization of organisms to guide biomedical research. It mainly includes three major directions: one is imaging omics and data analysis, which mainly uses deep learning methods to conduct in-depth feature analysis of massive medical imaging data; the other is molecular imaging technology, which mainly uses imaging methods to organize, Imaging at the cellular and subcellular level; the third is image intelligent perception and analysis, mainly through pattern recognition and data mining methods to analyze image information. Data analysis and perception in the vertical field includes two directions: one is business intelligence big data analysis, mainly applying artificial intelligence methods to carry out big data credit investigation and risk control, intelligent marketing, intelligent management, etc.; the second is education big data analysis, mainly Covers education and teaching, discipline construction, talent training, employment recommendation and other related research fields.

The laboratory has successively undertaken 32 provincial, ministerial and national scientific researches including key research and development projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology, National Natural Science Foundation (General Project, Youth Fund), and Shaanxi Provincial Natural Science Foundation (International Cooperation, General Project, Youth Project) The project has a total research funding of 12.4344 million yuan. Relevant research results won the second prize of the 2020 Shaanxi Provincial Natural Science Award and the first prize of Shaanxi University Science and Technology Award as the first completion unit. Published more than 50 SCI-indexed international journal papers and more than 20 mainstream international conference papers, which have been cited more than 710 times. Authorized 6 national invention patents and 4 computer software copyrights.

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