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Artificial Intelligence Technology Innovation and Intelligence Base of Domain-Oriented Application

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Based on the software engineering discipline (B+) ranked first by universities in the northwest region, and relied on the basis of two national and local joint engineering research centers, the Shaanxi International Science and Technology Cooperation Base, the center is closely related to international frontier scientific issues of smart computing, applications of artificial intelligence, Integration of culture and technology, China's health action, and other major national needs; focusing on training talented person for international cooperation of scientific and technological research in artificial intelligence-based passive perception, artificial intelligence-based security attacks, remote physiological signal detection, medical image intelligent analysis and etc, which provides powerfully theoretical and technical support to our country in domain-oriented intelligent computing research. The center has a research team with strong alliances between China and foreign countries to jointly carry out scientific research cooperation and personnel training. The cooperative research results are published in the top international academic conferences such as CVPR, AAAI, SigCOMM, IJCAI, CCS, and IEEE Trans, Nature sub-journals, Cell Sub-journals and other top international journals. Some of the collaborative research results have been positively cited by famous scholars from MIT, MIT, Berkeley, Tsinghua University, Peking University and other famous universities.

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