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Shaanxi Computer Software Engineering Research Center

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Shaanxi Province Software Engineering Research Center was established in 1998, and the director of the Center is Professor Zhou Mingquan. Based on the forward-looking research of software technology and relying on Northwest University, the Software Center is oriented to the needs of economic, scientific and social development and cultural construction, with the main goal of developing and forming the basis of the new generation of information industry, systems and software products, focusing on common basic technologies in the field of business management, service components and tools development technologies, and developing software production tools with independent intellectual property rights. The research center combines the needs of major fields such as cultural heritage protection, medicine, and massive information processing to carry out high-dimensional data acquisition, fast modeling, image intelligence technologies, and key technologies around information security protection, quantum information theory-based data confidentiality transmission leakage and anti-interference material. The research center has driven the development of computer and related discipline chains in our province, established its leading position in the field of basic software, and provided technical support for major high-tech projects, national industrialization projects and the construction and development of information industry in China. The Research Center has cultivated a team with both forward-looking and international leading research level in the field of basic software and the ability to organize large-scale software engineering development, and has created an integrated platform of production, academia, research and application, and established a self-development and self-profit mechanism, which is a leading R&D base of basic software technology in China.

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