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Geng Guohua

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Geng Guohua, professor of the Northwest University. She is national teaching master, the 10,000-person plan leader, the national outstanding scientific worker and she can enjoy the State Council special allowance. She is served as the deputy dean of NWU, and the deputy director of two terms in the Computer Science and Education Committee of the Ministry of Education. She is the director of the Local Engineering Research Center of the Digital Heritage Country of NWU, the vice president of the Computer Basic Education Research Association of the National Higher Education Institute, the member of the Computer Education Committee of the Ministry of Education, the director of the China Computer Society and the outstanding member, and the chairman of the Shaanxi Computer Education Society.

She has long been engaged in innovative research in the fields of virtual reality visualization and intelligent information processing. She presided the pre-research of 973, the key points of the National Science and the key projects at the provincial; She won 1 national science award and 18 provincial science awards, and 5 monographs. She awarded 3 national teaching achievement and 7 provincial level awards. She hosted 2 national quality resource sharing classes, the first national boutique online open class, and edited more than 20 textbooks.

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