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Fang Dingyi

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Fang Dingyi, professor of Information College of Northwest University, doctoral tutor, computer science leader, Shaanxi Province Special Support Program teaching teacher, president of Northwest University Internet of Things Research Institute, director of Shaanxi Province Passive Internet of Things International Joint Research Center.

He has supervised and graduated nearly 150 Ph.D. and M.S. students, among which, two were awarded the excellent Ph.D. thesis by the China Computer Federation (CCF) and two were awarded the excellent Ph.D. thesis by Shaanxi Province.

His main research interests are: (1) new technologies for wireless networks, sensor networks and Internet of Things and their applications; (2) network and information security and software security protection; (3) passive sensing and mobile computing technologies.

He has chaired many research projects such as National Key Research and Development Program and National Natural Science Foundation of China. He has published more than 200 academic papers in top international conferences such as ACM/IEEE SIGCOMM, Mobicom, NSDI, Infocom, CCS, AAAI and PLDI, as well as famous journals at home and abroad such as ACM/IEEE TON, TMC and Journal of Computing, Journal of Software, etc. He has received more than 10 national and provincial teaching and scientific achievements.

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