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Chen Li

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Chen Li, a teaching master of Shaanxi Province, is a member of the Computer Class Working Committee of Shaanxi University Teaching Steering Committee. Now she is a senior member of CCF, a senior member of CAAI and a deputy director of the Special Committee on Discrete Intelligent Computing.

Her main research areas are big data analysis and data mining, artificial intelligence and pattern recognition, etc.

She is the chief expert of the National Science and Technology Support Program, presiding over and undertaking the projects of National Key R&D Program, National Science and Technology Support Program, Major Instrument Special Project of the Ministry of Science and Technology, National Natural Science Foundation of China, etc. She has published more than 150 academic papers, and she received more than 10 patents and soft books; She co-authored 2 monographs, and won the first prize of Provincial University Science and Technology Achievement.

Chen Li presided over the provincial high-quality course "Discrete Mathematics" and published four textbooks as the chief editor. She has taught undergraduate courses such as Fundamentals of Programming, Discrete Mathematics and WEB Data Mining (bilingual). Also, she is responsible for the courses of data mining and big data theory and technology for graduate students.

Chen Li has been awarded the Second Prize of National Teaching Achievement, the Special Prize and the First Prize of Shaanxi Provincial Teaching Achievement; she has edited the national planning textbooks of the Eleventh and Twelfth Five-Year Plan, and won the Excellent Textbook Award of Shaanxi Province.

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