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Project Introduction

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Dual Bachelor Degree Joint Education Programme in Electronic Information Science and Technology is an undergraduate education project approved by the Ministry of Education in 2016 by Northwest University in cooperation with the University of Essex ( No. 5,2017 ). Training and mastering the basic theory and experimental skills in the field of electronic information science and technology application, understanding the new theory, new knowledge and new technology in this field, innovative talents with innovative ability and international vision. Graduates can engage in scientific research, teaching, technological research and development in the fields of information science and technology, electronics and computers, as well as in high-level management in enterprises and administrative departments. Joint training at home and abroad and application for further study in foreign high-level universities are the characteristics of the specialty. The main courses include introduction to program design, electronic system foundation, C language program design and embedded system, signal and system, digital signal processing, digital electronic system, network foundation, computer security, analog circuit design, communication principle, advanced embedded system design, and advanced logic system.

This program is a 4-year, full-time program with simultaneous registration at home and abroad and the '3+1' model. Students who meet the graduation standards of both universities will receive a Bachelor's Degree and a Bachelor of Science Certificate (majoring in Electronic Information Science and Technology) from Northwest University and a Bachelor of Science Certificate (majoring in Electronic Systems Engineering) from the University of Essex in the UK.

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