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Introduction to Essex University

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The University of Essex, founded in 1964, is a public comprehensive university established by the Queen ' s Charter. It is also the first British university passed in the Sino-British Education Mutual Recognition Agreement of the Ministry of Education of China. There are 21 departments, 257 undergraduate majors, 216 master 's majors and 86 doctoral majors. There are 13,628 students and over 2,000 teaching staff. The school has high teaching and research strength and academic reputation, ranking 30th in the comprehensive ranking of the UK universities in 2017. In the Sun and Times University Teaching Quality Rankings, ranked 8th in Britain. In the latest British government ’s evaluation report on the research strength of 159 universities ( REF 2014 ), it ranked 19th. In 2016 QS World University Rankings ( Social Sciences ) ranked top 100 in the world. In 2014, Thames World University ranked 257. Ranked 8th in the 2016 National Student Satisfaction Survey. The degree of internationalization of the school is very high, and the diversity is distinctive. In 2016, Thames ranked the top 20 among the 200 most international universities in the world. In just over 50 years since the establishment of the school, a large number of outstanding alumni have emerged, including three Nobel Prize winners, parliamentarians, the former President of Costa Rica.

The School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering at the University of Essex is one of the top schools in the world. It has created a number of leading inventions and industry standards in the field of computer science or electronic engineering in the UK and even the world. In recent years, it has been in the field of intelligent robots. Walk in the forefront of the world. In the 2014 UK University Research Ability Evaluation Report, more than two-thirds of the research projects of the institute were listed as “world-leading” or “internationally outstanding”. The college has obtained the British Engineering and Technology Association (IET) and the British Computer Society (BCS) chartered engineer certification. In the 2014 academic rankings of world universities, the school ranked 8th in the UK for computer science and 12th in electronic engineering. Houlin Zhao, Secretary-General of the International Telecommunication Union, Hugo Gaggioni, Chief Technology Officer of Sony’s System Production Department, and Phil Donovan, the founder of Europe’s largest non-crystalline semiconductor company, are all graduates of the School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering. The major of electronic information science and technology belongs to the research direction of telecommunications and data communication, one of the three major research fields of the college, and is the dominant major of the University of Essex.

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