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National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of Electronic Information Technology

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National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of Electronic Information Technology (Northwest University) originated from the Experimental Teaching Center of the Department of Electronic Science and Technology established in 2001, which was expanded into the Electronic Information Technology Experimental Teaching Center of the College of Information Science and Technology in 2005, and was approved as the "Shaanxi Provincial Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of Higher Education" in 2006. In 2015, it was approved as "National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center".

The center has set up 26 laboratories at four levels and 24 off-campus engineering internship training bases at various levels in accordance with the needs of training talents in electronic information engineering, with a laboratory construction area of 4895 square meters, 6219 sets of experimental equipment and fixed assets of more than 50 million yuan.

The center has a full-time faculty team composed of teachers and laboratory technicians with rich experience in experimental teaching and experimental management. There are 63 full-time teaching staffs, including 27 with senior titles and 46 with doctoral degrees. In addition, there are 16 part-time teaching staff. The center independently offers 31 experimental courses and has a total of 310 experimental project resources, and the total number of people entering the electronics laboratory is about 2,200 per year, with about 450,000 experimental hours.

The center has put "double-creative education" into the whole stage of undergraduate education, always upholds the concept of "student-centered education concept, result-oriented education orientation and continuous improvement quality culture", in engineering education. It gives full play to the role of the experimental area of practical teaching reform and the radiation source of teaching achievements, and forms a good demonstration effect in the northwest region.

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