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National Virtual Simulation Experimental Teaching Center for Digital Preservation of Cultural Heritage

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National Virtual Simulation Experimental Teaching Center for Digital Preservation of Cultural Heritage is a virtual simulation experiment teaching center built by the School of Information Science and Technology and the School of Cultural Heritage of Northwest University to use the advantages of disciplines and aim at the application of information technology in the field of cultural heritage protection. In 2013, it was approved as "National Virtual Simulation Experimental Teaching Center".

The virtual center deeply integrates information technology and cultural heritage protection, and takes into account the professional category layout and development needs of the Institute of Information Science and Technology and the Institute of Cultural Heritage. The experimental teaching content of cultural heritage research, cultural heritage restoration and cultural heritage protection is divided into five modules for the construction of virtual simulation experiment projects, and 97 virtual simulation experiment projects covering 28 courses are successively constructed and improved. Among them, 10 provincial virtual simulation experiment teaching projects and 87 school-level virtual simulation experiment teaching projects are cultivated. In 2019, the virtual center undertook the experimental teaching of 9900 people in 29 classes of 15 majors in the whole school.

The virtual center has a construction area of 7821.4 square meters, 2102 sets of experimental equipment, and fixed assets of more than 17.8 million yuan. The center has 47 fixed personnel, 35 part-time personnel, more than 90% of the center's personnel have master's degree or above, and 74.5% of the total number of personnel with associate senior titles or above.

The virtual center relies on the National Experimental Teaching Center of Electronic Information Technology, the Provincial Experimental Teaching Center of Computer Technology, Key Disciplines in Shaanxi Province, Famous Brand Majors in Shaanxi Province and Archeology, Cultural Relics Protection, Computer Science and Technology, Electronic Science and Technology, Internet of Things Engineering The academic power of the key research base of humanities and social sciences of Shaanxi universities (Northwest University Cultural Heritage Protection and Archaeology Research Center), and the academic strength of other characteristic majors and the Shaanxi Provincial Software Engineering Demonstration Center Technology Platform and With the advantages of the collection of cultural relics in the History Museum of Northwest University, it actively transforms the scientific research results of various key laboratories into virtual simulation experiment projects. In recent years, 2 new online virtual simulation experimental teaching projects have been established through the transformation of scientific research, and 5 existing virtual experimental teaching projects have been upgraded to provide help for students to carry out extracurricular innovative practical activities.

The virtual center always upholds the engineering education professional certification concept of "student-centered education concept, result-oriented education orientation and continuous improvement quality culture", gives full play to the advantages of virtual simulation experimental teaching, promotes the virtual simulation experimental teaching reform and the radiation source of teaching results, and forms a good demonstration effect in the northwest region.

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