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State-Province Joint Engineering and Research Center of Advanced Networking and Intelligent Information Services

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State-Province Joint Engineering and Research Center of Advanced Networking and Intelligent Information Services was led by Northwest University in December 2017, united with Xi’an Polytechnic University, Northwestern Polytechnical University Internet of Things Application Technology National and Local Joint Engineering Research Center, Shaanxi Beidou Financial Information Service Co., Ltd. and Lan Shield Information Security Technology Co., Ltd. jointly initiated the construction, a national-level new network technology industrialization base approved by the National Development and Reform Commission.

With the core of new network intelligent information service, the Engineering Research Center integrates the frontier technologies in computer, medicine, electronics, communication, mathematics, bioinformatics and other fields, and conducts continuous and in-depth research and industrialization in new network security and performance optimization technology, network big data intelligent sensing and analysis technology, edge computing key technology for cloud convergence, intelligent information service platform research and development, application and its industrialization, etc.

In recent years, it has undertaken the national key research and development project "Research on key technologies of intelligent co-construction, sharing and management platform for public cultural resources", and the National Science and Technology Support " Research and demonstration of key technologies for risk prevention and control of world cultural heritage sites (research on key technologies of intelligent perception of the preservation status of the Great Wall)", the key research and development plan "Key technologies, platform devices and applications of brain-computer collaborative hybrid intelligence" sub-project "Key technologies and devices of hybrid brain-computer interaction based on virtual reality", National Natural Science Foundation of China and major provincial and ministerial key projects More than 30 scientific research projects, published more than 100 high-level academic papers, won 5 provincial and ministerial awards, more than 50 patents, more than 30 software copyrights, and trained more than 200 doctoral and master students.

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