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Gao Ling

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Gao ling, Doctor of Engineering, Professor / doctoral tutor. He is one of Shaanxi Province's science and technology innovation leading talents, director of the new network intelligent information service national local joint research center, director of Shaanxi Province new network security guarantee and service engineering laboratory. He also serves as Chairman of the Network and Data Communication Committee of the Chinese Computer Society, Chairman of the Xi ' an Branch of the International Computer Society (ACM), Chairman of the Expert Committee on Educational Informatization in Shaanxi Province, and Deputy President of the Shaanxi University Association for Science and Technology.

He has long been committed to the teaching and research work in the field of information, mainly in the fields of computer network basic theory, network security and management, energy efficiency optimization of mobile network, edge calculation, and intelligent information processing. He has hosted more than 20 national and provincial scientific research projects, published more than 150 papers in well-known academic journals and high-level academic conferences at home and abroad ( of which nearly 100 were retrieved by SCI / EI ), received and authorized more than 50 invention patents, won 4 national and provincial teaching achievements awards and 4 provincial and municipal science and technology awards.

He guides more than 100 people, such as post-doctoral, doctoral graduate students and visiting scholars.

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